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Tier 3: 'Your Life' Subscription Plan

Unlock the fullness of your spiritual potential with the 'Your Life' Subscription Plan at Nika Life. This all-inclusive tier builds upon 'Your Truth' and 'Your Victory,' offering bi-weekly mentorship sessions and monthly group insights for profound personal growth. Enjoy complimentary access to most programs and exclusive discounts on premium offerings, alongside a 25% saving on extended sessions. It's the ultimate commitment to your spiritual evolution, designed to guide you towards living 'Your Life' with purpose and passion.

This program is the pinnacle of personalized mentorship. This elite program is crafted to facilitate your growth, offering direct access to personalized guidance that propels you towards your aspirations. Embrace a journey of transformation with one-on-one coaching, exclusive resources, and a community that supports and amplifies your potential. Explore the benefits below to see how Tier 3 can be the catalyst in your quest for personal and professional excellence.

Bi-weekly Personal Mentorship Sessions: Intensive, bespoke guidance to deepen your spiritual practice and personal growth.

Monthly Group Mentoring: Connect and grow with a dedicated group, sharing insights and experiences.

Complimentary Program Access: Unlimited free access to most of our programs, designed to facilitate every aspect of your journey.

Exclusive Program Discounts: Special reduced pricing on select premium offerings, providing even more value to your subscription.

Substantial Session Discounts: A 25% discount on all extended sessions lasting 60 minutes or more, for those times when you need deeper exploration.

Exclusive Content Access: Immerse yourself in a curated selection of articles, videos, and resources specifically designed to support your personal growth.

Members-Only Community Forum: Become part of an exclusive community. Engage in discussions, share your journey, and find support among peers in a private forum dedicated to mutual growth.


Weekly Collective Insights: Receive our weekly newsletter brimming with collective wisdom, oracle readings, and motivational content to enlighten your intuition and guide your week.


Discounts on Virtual Events & Workshops: Benefit from special member pricing on our virtual events and workshops, offering you opportunities to deepen your personal development practice.

Exclusive Program Access: Enjoy access to a handpicked selection of our membership programs including introductory sessions on meditation and developing empathy, providing a taste of our all-access tier.

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The 'Your Life' Plan is not just a subscription—it's a commitment to living with intention, insight, and inspiration. It's for those who seek to not only reach their spiritual milestones but to transcend them, living every day in alignment with their greatest potential.

There are 30,60, and 75 minute option available. 

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