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These services include individual and group sessions that can help you along your spiritual path to find the answers within. Many of us just need confirmation, direction, and encouragement to move forward in life with the inner peace and happiness that we all deserve!

30-minute sessions offer a focused journey to connect with inner wisdom and spiritual guidance—angels, guides, and loved ones beyond. Designed for deep, personal insights and connections, these sessions are available both in-person and virtually, providing a concise path to clarity and peace.

60-minute sessions are crafted for a deeper exploration into inner wisdom and spiritual guidance from angels, guides, and those who have passed. These sessions, perfect for individual reflection or shared experiences up to two people, are available in-person or virtually. They're aimed at fostering profound personal insights and connections, guiding participants towards clarity and peace.

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Experience a transformative journey with a Nika Life Intuitive Mentoring Session. This session offers deep spiritual insights and guidance to help you discover and align with your true path. It is a tailored session to your specific needs, whether you want to connect with your spirit guides or create a roadmap for living your best life. Book a session today and experience a profound shift in your spiritual journey!

90-minute group sessions delve into reconnecting with loved ones who have passed and seeking answers to life's significant questions. Designed for up to five participants, these sessions merge the depth of personal and collective exploration into inner wisdom and spiritual guidance from angels, guides, and those beyond. Offering the flexibility to host at your chosen location within the Des Moines Metro area (or elsewhere with prior arrangement), or at Serendipity Spa, these sessions, led by Marsha, are perfect for groups looking for profound insights, connections, and the peace of clarity.

Embark on a journey to reconnect with loved ones who have passed and dive deep into the answers of your most significant life questions during a three-hour session. Tailored for groups of up to ten, this experience offers the opportunity to host at your preferred location within the Des Moines Metro area, or at an alternative venue with prior organization. Alternatively, the session can be conducted at Serendipity Spa, providing a space for profound insights and connections in a group setting.

Please note that all in-person readings are done at Serendipity Spa unless noted otherwise!

2190 NW 82nd St., Suite 4, Clive, IA 50325


Welcome to our online community where we provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect, share stories, and find support. At NIKA LIFE, we believe that community is crucial for personal growth and healing. Join us now and become a part of a community of people who share your interests and values.

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