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Individual Readings

Virtual (30 mins)

Virtual (60 mins)

In-person (60 mins)

Nadia's Oracle Card Reading






Group Readings

Group of 3-5 (90 mins)

Group of 6-10 (180 mins)




Live Instagram Readings

Inner Sanctuary: A Winter Day Retreat

Live Your Truth

Healing Circle

February 8, 2023

February 18, 2023

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


$40 Oracle Card Readings

Meet my daughter, Nadia! She is offering oracle card readings at a discounted rate of only $40 per reading. While Nadia may be new to sharing her gift with the public, she has always been intuitive. What can I say? It runs in the family! I am so excited for Nadia and for all of you to meet her! If you would like to schedule a reading 

Nadia Davies | Venmo @nadia-davies-1

Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. The Source of which we ALL are is energy and vibration. How we choose to look at our lives in separateness or oneness with our fellow humans will indicate the ease of us living and benefiting from our truth. Live YOUR truth.


Nika Life

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