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Walking the Path of Light: My Journey to Empowerment

With each stride we take at Nika Life, we embody the spirit encapsulated in our name—'Nika,' a beacon of victory and truth. This spirit thrives in our guiding mantra: 'Your Truth. Your Victory. Your Life.' It's a call to embrace authenticity, celebrate triumphs, and cherish the journey of life. Through my work, I champion this creed, encouraging every soul I encounter to uncover and uphold their personal victories, embrace their truest selves, and revel in the richness of their life's tapestry.


Sharing My Heartfelt Journey

Challenges and Triumphs

Overcoming Life's Storms

Spiritual Epiphany

The Turning Point to Bliss

Heritage and Gifts

A Legacy of Intuition

Empowerment through

Defining Moments in My Career:

 Here I am, an intuitive life coach and psychic medium, but above all, a human with a story marked by both joy and pain. It's through these personal chapters of my life that I've come to truly understand the depths of the soul's journey. With each client I meet, I share not just my gifts, but my compassion and human connection.

My path hasn't been a straight line. It's been a mosaic of resilience through divorce, feeling the profound ache of my parents' loss, and facing my own vulnerabilities with an MS diagnosis. Yet, these personal battles have shaped me, not as scars, but as strokes of wisdom on my canvas. As a single mother, I balanced textbooks with bedtime stories, infusing my journey with compassion and grit, converting every struggle into empathy and strength.

Grief and illness marked a crossroads in my life, a pivotal moment when I withdrew into the sanctuary of my soul. In solitude, I uncovered joy in ways I never imagined - the kind of bliss that surfaces when we connect deeply with ourselves. This epiphany wasn't just a fleeting moment; it became the beacon that I now share with others, a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and love replacing worry.

 Trekking back through my family's history, I find strength in my Balkan roots, where insight isn't just inherited; it's a way of life. Both my grandmothers, one calling spirits and the other reading tea leaves, have left a legacy that's more than a mere gift - it's a mission, woven into my being. I'm here to honor their wisdom by continuing a tradition that transcends generations, sharing a heritage that pulses with intuitive wisdom.

Each life I've touched has etched a unique story in my heart. From lightening a mother's grief to sparking sobriety in another's shadowed life; from bringing a smile to a widower's lips to my own amazement as I watch transformations unfold. These encounters have not only defined my mission; they've enlivened it. They remind me why I step into each day with purpose, ready to illuminate paths and hearts with the wisdom of ages.

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