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Tier 1: 'Your Truth' Subscription Plan

Embark on your spiritual journey with 'Your Truth,' the first tier of Nika Life's subscription plans. This tier offers you a treasure trove of curated content to help you uncover and align with your core values. It's the perfect starting point for self-discovery, providing access to a supportive community and exclusive resources that guide you towards living authentically. With 'Your Truth,' you're taking the first step towards profound personal growth and well-being.

'Your Truth' Subscription Plan is your gateway to a curated selection of content, a community of support, and the first steps towards a deeper understanding of yourself. It's designed to spark your journey to 'Your Victory' and ultimately, to living 'Your Life' to its fullest potential.

Exclusive Content Access: Immerse yourself in a curated selection of articles, videos, and resources specifically designed to support your personal growth.


Members-Only Community Forum: Become part of an exclusive community. Engage in discussions, share your journey, and find support among peers in a private forum dedicated to mutual growth.


Weekly Collective Insights: Receive our weekly newsletter brimming with collective wisdom, oracle readings, and motivational content to enlighten your intuition and guide your week.


Discounts on Virtual Events & Workshops: Benefit from special member pricing on our virtual events and workshops, offering you opportunities to deepen your personal development practice.


Selective Program Access: Enjoy access to a handpicked selection of our membership programs including introductory sessions on meditation and developing empathy, providing a taste of our all-access tier.

Virtual Session Accessibility: Access your growth journey from anywhere, anytime. Our virtual sessions ensure you're seamlessly connected to your development path, no matter where life takes you.

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Select Your Truth Subscription Plan to enrich your path to self-improvement with access to resources to help you gain confidence and well-being, all while being part of a nurturing community that values intuitive growth and practical wisdom.

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