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January 29-February 4th

Hey There, NIKA LIFE Warriors!

Welcome to your favorite part of the week – (or it will be soon enough!) the NIKA LIFE'S Weekly Wisdom & Wellness! Here, you will receive a weekly 'Wisdom' Message, from yours truly as I tap in and see what the week has in store for you. Next, look for your Weekly 'Wink from the Universe' as I see what may be a prevalent sign to be on the lookout as confirmation for the message received! Last but not least, enjoy as I tap into the relevant numbers that will resonate as well. Additionally, revel in a spiritual tip each week to help you connect, ground, or overall be helpful to your well-being!

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Brace yourselves, stunning souls, for a shift in the skies is upon us, bringing forth a cascade of clarity that’ll make your heart sing with joy! This week is all about diving deep into a fresh perspective, a shiny new lens through which the world will seem brighter, and your victories sweeter. The stars have been hard at work, shuffling the cosmic deck in your favor, and it's nearly showtime for all that diligence to pay off. But here’s the kicker - keep those eyes peeled and hearts open. Change has a sneaky way of tiptoeing in when you least expect it, dolled up in the ordinary. Therefore, try to put your focus on the good things going on around you, it’ll make it easier for you to spot when the new good things come in.

Weekly Wisdom Message


Blue Camper Van

Wink from the Universe

Have you ever had those moments where everything just clicks? This week comes with those exact vibes, so watch out for little winks from the universe. This week’s wink is: Spotting an unusual number of blue cars (& other vehicles) - yep, that’s your quirky little sign that the cosmos is giving you a thumbs up! I know it sounds offbeat, but when has the universe ever stuck to the script? **Also note, your own signs are also likely to show up & are the MOST important! The blue car was just one I picked up on when I was creating this email!

Curious about the spiritual mojo of a blue car? Hang tight; we're going down the rabbit hole of cosmic wisdom. Looks like the internet has some insights, and according to “A blue car symbolizes much more than a Sunday drive. A blue car symbolizes, guidance, serenity, and a stable journey through life. Blue, the color of calm skies and deep seas, whispers of wisdom and trust. You might just be cruising towards a period of peaceful progress under the watchful eyes of your spirit guide.” I had no idea that’s what a blue car means spiritually, wow!


Feeling a bit floaty? Try this - take a deep, soulful inhale, followed by a grounding exhale. Then, look at your hands, those beautiful, capable extensions of your being. Those are your eyeballs, staring down at your hands, in your body.  Right now.  And poof! Just like that, you're back in the driver's seat, fully present, and totally grounded.

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Weekly Spirit Numbers

And for an extra sprinkle of magic, here are your spirit numbers for the week: 12, 42, 18, and 1. Don't ask me to bet on horses, but these numbers just zipped through my thoughts and onto this screen. Let's see what enchantment they hold. Googling… And would you look at that?

Number 12, as puts it, is like a growth spurt for your soul, stirring you to infuse life with deeper meaning and preparing you for the universe’s grand plans.

Number 42, brought to you by, is like a gentle reminder that your spirit squad has your back. So, trust the vibes and let the currents of life carry you where you need to be.

Number 18 is a wake-up call to your inner phoenix, ready to rise with purpose and power, as detailed by Your angels are high-fiving you, rooting for those changes that nudge you closer to your dreams.

Also, are you ready for a cosmic mic drop? Those numbers - 12, 42, and 18 - they add up to the electrifying 369! It's the kind of eureka scribbled in Nikola Tesla’s notes, emblematic of the universe's blueprint - and guess what? It's a nod to you standing at the crossroads of enlightenment and identity, unshadowed and bold.

And the number 1, my dear friends, is just the universe nudging you: “Hey, new starts and spiritual smarts this way!” You my friend, as number 1 reveals, have a spiritual team, supporting you, guiding you, and supporting you with your new beginnings!

Create tourmaline.jpg

The crystal that I picked up on that will be helpful this week is tourmaline and also rose quartz. Tourmaline for protection and strength and rose quartz for love of self and others!

So Lovely Humans of Nika Life, Here's the Lowdown:

This week's oracle is shouting from the rooftops that it's your time to bask in the glow of positive change. Keep your spirits hitched to optimism and welcome the bursts of recognition for your hard work. Blue cars and resonating numbers are your little secrets with the universe, signposting you towards wonderful times. The numbers shared today, each with their precious spiritual symbolism, stitch together stories of growth, guidance, awakening, and hello-new-adventures. As for the knockout duo of 369? That’s just the universe’s autograph on your life's chapter of brilliance and self-realization.

Stay with your feet on the ground and your intuition dialed up, folks. Trust, as you coast into this week, that every breath, every heartbeat is aligning you with the splendid spiritual unfolding that awaits.

Catch you all in the next episode of cosmic awesomeness!

Ciao for now, NIKA LIFE adventurers!

Embrace Your TRUTH.  Stand in Your Victory! Love Your LIFE!


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