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August 20th 2022

Remember. Renew. Revive.

Many of us have forgotten exactly where we came from and what our soul craves while inhabiting our human form.


We crave joy! The inherent rawness of being alive can sometimes be dulled by the fears and stressors of the world.

Rewild your soul by utilizing techniques such as breathwork, tapping into ancestral sounds to heal, inducing relaxation, integration, cultivating personal power through creation, and learning how to trust and honor your intuition for the sense of renewal and revival your soul deserves!


The following will give you the details of what you will experience at Rewilding the Soul Retreat...

Image by Brooke Cagle

Saturday, August 20, 2022-The Brenton Arboretum-9am-6pm


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Marsha Kreho

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Advisor

Listen from Within: Intuitive Workshop

Realize the full potential of your own awareness to all that is, as we are all interconnected. Learn the signs and exercises to fully commit yourself to communicating with those here to guide you every step of the way in your human experience.


When you are open to guidance from your spiritual team, you are able to overcome and learn from everything and conquer anything!   Knowing your intuition will allow a better sense of  where you are headed.  Let us look inward to find solutions. 


Marsha will facilitate a combination of guided practices to hone in on intuition. This will include; one on one exercises along with guiding you through a journey of self discovery by showing you how to decipher messages  to assist you to find your own intuitive language. This will be followed by Marsha sharing a collective message from spirit for all.


Lacey Boles

Shamanic Practioner

Personal Medicine Mandala

Your Soul came here with a purpose and the gifts intact necessary to implement it. Discover your personal medicine by creating a mandala using images, symbols, colors, and textures that speak to you.


Artfully crafting from your intuition draws upon the wealth of your soul's wisdom resting in the subconscious mind. From this space of conscious dreaming, you can access deep, rich, limitless resources for healing.


Our medicine starts out as our illness. Once we master and honor the power of our woundedness we become an unstoppable force for transformation and harmony. What is your ripple effect in the world?

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Rachel Degen

Breath & Body Movement Practioner

Breath Movement & Masterpiece Mindset Workshop

It often holds true for many of us that we have forgotten what it means to be the artist of our own masterpiece, which we call life. Instead of taking the paint brush to a blank canvas to create what we desire, at no fault of our own, we layer photocopies of our ancestral and parental beliefs or pictures of what society tells us to look, act and feel like.

In this workshop, you will be guided on a breath movement journey that will transform your very being into the masterpiece that you have always been! Placing a conscious awareness on our breath gives us the power to come back to our true nature.


We will move this energy through journal prompts, meditation, body movement and breathwork. You will walk out of this session with a deeper relationship with your intuition and a felt sense of how to embody your values and sovereignty once again


Melodie Polansky

Sound Healer & Empowerment Coach

Sound Journey

During this sound journey Melodie will be tapping into the ancestral sounds that intuitively flow through her and playing the instruments that will help you to relax, integrate, and remember who you are. The sound waves flow easily through your body, as it is mostly made of water.


These waves of sound energy flow through and catch the debris of what is no longer needed and helps to carry it out. The sound vibrations can shake up the cells to release stuck and stagnant energy and help to get you into a state of bliss.

After the Sound Journey, we will be having a community drumming circle, where Melodie will help to guide you in some vocal toning to help release any blocks on your throat chakra to help you to free yourself through expression of tone. This exercise helps you to get out of the judgment cycle and helps you to hear yourself, letting go of the need to be perfect and beautiful, and letting yourself be raw and authentic, while also connecting with other women as they express theirs.

Music is medicine for the soul, it aligns us and connects us to one another. Throughout history women have always come together in song and celebration, this is what we have been missing. Allow these tones to resonate throughout your body, and connect to your ancestors, to the ones who have come before, and connect into your heart and into the wildness of your soul.

This retreat will also include a drumming circle as a closing ceremony. Drinks, snacks, and lunch will be provided.

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