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Live Your Truth Intuitive Workshop

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

As we navigate through life and typically just waiting for whatever life throws us, things can get chaotic and feel like everything is out of our control. What if I told you that we have the power to create our own destiny? The path that we construct is solely made up of energy, as everything is. Which means we have the power to control the energy by transmutation of thoughts and recognition of our interconnectivity will play a role in the manifestations we allow as thoughts are things and having a inspired plan of action will help you to create the life you were always meant to lead. Your truth. Which will you will discover by quieting your mind and following your intuition. That is why I've created a workshop to guide you along your journey!

Find Your Truth: Intuitive Workshop Series

Does your life feel stagnant? Do you crave change but are uncertain of your next steps? Do you wonder how to achieve your life goals and improve overall happiness? Let Spirit lead you to the answers. We tend to look to others–outside sources–to help resolve our issues. In reality, solutions can only be found only within. The life satisfaction you seek is specifically catered to your soul: all you have to do is tap into what is already there. Let us look inward to find solutions.

Using a combination of teachings that I have learned over the years along with channeling Spirit, I have been given clear steps toward helping others live their truth/find their happiness. I will be teaching these steps in an intuitive workshop series.

**12 Week In-Person Series is Full-Online Intuitive Workshop coming soon!**

The Find Your Truth Intuitive Workshop Series will consist of:

  1. Guided Meditation

  2. Introduction to Intuition Exercises and Practices

  3. Exploring the 12 Universal Laws

  4. Creating a Vision for your Life

  5. Creating an Activation Plan

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” ~Walt Whitman

Workshop Description

Within the Find Your Truth Intuitive Workshop Series, Marsha will offer live channeled downloads as well as help participants in trusting in their own intuition. These live channeled downloads consist of messages for the greater good–or the group as a whole, as well as illuminate how the spiritual realm views life for humans on earth. Along with Spirit’s perspective on our lives, they are able to help guide us with words of unconditional love and strength.

Each session will begin with a guided meditation to ground and to prepare us for receiving clear guidance from God/Source. The workshop topics will then vary, offering various practices and exercises to assist you in the recognition and development of your own intuitive guidance: strengthening what you already have within. This will lead you to create visions of clarity towards happiness. From your vision, you decide upon actionable steps toward being the enlightened creator of your own experiences!

You are welcome to explore Week 1-7 interchangeably whereas week 8-12 are reserved for those who complete their vision and activation board.


Week One will be exploring the Law of Oneness and the Law of Energy & Vibration. This will include the power of transmuting thoughts–or rearranging the energy behind a thought– and the impact that positive frequencies have on our lives. We will tie this in with a lesson on intuition, learning exercises to build upon these concepts to enhance our inner connection and truth.

Week Two will be investigating the Law of Action. In this session we will discuss what blocks may be hindering you from moving forward on your life goals and aspirations. This will incorporate Week One’s teachings of oneness, energy & vibration. With an adjustment of perspective and frequency, we will learn how to take action toward what it is our heart desires. We will then begin our Law of Action Activation Board. This Board will later be incorporated into our “Bigger Picture Plans”.

Week Three will expand upon how we are merely a reflection of our reality and thoughts through the Law of Correspondence. There will be nothing in your life that happens without you playing a particular role in manifesting it. With exercises to explore this reflection, we will be able to uncover things you want to change in order to thrive and love your reflection of life.

Week Four the Law of Cause and Effect will expand upon previous concepts and further details how thoughts cause actions and actions cause the effects. We will journal about what we witness in our everyday lives and we will learn steps to manage hard times, so that we can make new/better choices when facing life’s challenges. We will also learn about the Law of Compensation, which can be applicable to the Law of Cause and Effect in receiving the abundance we deserve in a quick and joyous fashion.

Week Five will be diving into the well-known universal law: the Law of Attraction. In this unit we will not only go over the basics of the Law of Attraction, but also formulate a process for being able to follow it at any point of your life. Here we will explore what we want and how we want to feel having it. The clearer we see and feel what we want, the clearer the Universe can provide it for us.

Week Six will be diving into the Law of Relativity and introducing how perspective and interpretation of life events is key to growth and productively moving toward all our heart’s desires. This leads us also to understanding the Law of Polarity as it is most important to accept and surrender to lessons given to us and make the most of it. Exercises provided will list our polarities and what we need to do in order to continue our journey on the path of least resistance.

Week Seven will expand upon the Law of Polarity. As many have heard, we all have “seasons” within our lives and this law will explain the ebb and flow of life, which we can either choose to use to our advantage or let it control us. It is our choice whether we go-with-the-flow downstream or swim upstream (not the easiest of swims…). The Law of Gender will also be discussed, as this has to do with the gestation period of a thought. What thoughts will you let grow and blossom?

Week Eight & Nine will be an overview of all 12 Universal Laws. With the information we have learned, we will continue to create our activation board. This will be a time of action, contemplating goals and creating the steps to put them into effect.

Week Ten & Eleven with our action plans and activation board created, we will put together a complete vision board to tie into our activation board.

Week Twelve we will celebrate and have a creation party! Dress the part, be the part. Be your higher self, be your truth. Following your truth and the 12 universal laws will lead you to see you must act as if it already is! This session will also consist of accountability techniques and resources that will be available after the workshop series ends.

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