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Where mentoring goes beyond the ordinary –to guide, inspire, & empower.

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Opt for a Nika Life Intuitive Wellness Mentoring Subscription to fully immerse yourself in your spiritual journey with ongoing, deep insights and support. Single sessions are also available for those seeking a one-time experience. Each session, whether part of a subscription or a single visit, includes a recorded copy, personalized resource recommendations for continued growth, and numerous other benefits.

Intuition Development: Enhance your innate intuitive abilities to guide daily decisions with confidence.

Grounding Techniques: Start with foundational practices to stay present and balanced.


Guide Communication: Learn to contact your spirit guides for wisdom and direction.


Soul Purpose Clarity: Use meditation to uncover the nuances of your life's mission.


Meaningful Goal Setting: Establish clear, attainable objectives that honor your spiritual and personal growth journey.


Emotional Cleansing: Work through and release emotional barriers for inner harmony.


Supportive Spiritual Habits: Develop consistent practices for ongoing spiritual and personal well-being.


Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Get personalized advice on deepening your spiritual practices and experiencing the profound.

NIKA LIFE Intuitive Wellness Mentoring isn't just a reading; it's a deep dive into your self-discovery, engaging your intuition and innermost wisdom.

Single Online Session| 75 min| $222

Single In-Person Session| 75 min| $222

Monthly Online Session| 75 min | $222/month

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