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September 24th

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Quieting your mind and listening to what your soul needs is the key to healing which leads to freedom and happiness.  

To heal is not just to repair physical ailments, but to shift your energy and become aware of your connection to spirit.  Healing requires a quiet mind.  Healing requires higher vibration of frequencies. Healing requires listening to your higher- self, to Source. Heal: Mind, Body, Soul Day Retreat will provide the tools to assist in this connection to heal.


The following will give you the details of what you will experience at the Heal: Mind, Body, Soul day retreat...


Saturday, September 24th, 2022- Inner Space Des Moines- 10am-4pm


Himalayan Salt Lounge Sound Bath 

Reiki Healing Circle

Live Your Truth: Intuitive Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop

Group Reading Event

Snacks & Beverage Included

At the Heal: Mind, Body, Soul Day retreat you will  learn new techniques to quiet your mind–which is key to tuning into spirit.


You will also have the opportunity  to open your heart centers through: healing sound frequencies; the healing power of a Himalayan Salt Lounge; a Reiki healing circle; and a workshop focused on how to recognize your intuitive connection and utilize it to live your best life.


Many of us want to be given the chance to be validated and feel the support that is already and always present within you. To support this knowledge, you will connect with your spiritual team and passed loved ones with a group reading event.

Please follow the link below to complete registration, and then Venmo @nikalife for the registration fee of $222. Include your first and last name. Make sure to include the number of people attending the retreat if you are paying for more than one person. Thank you!

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