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Where life coaching goes beyond the ordinary –to guide, inspire, & empower.

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Intuition Development: Enhance your innate intuitive abilities to guide daily decisions with confidence.

Grounding Techniques: Start with foundational practices to stay present and balanced.


Guide Communication: Learn to contact your spirit guides for wisdom and direction.


Soul Purpose Clarity: Use meditation to uncover the nuances of your life's mission.


Meaningful Goal Setting: Establish clear, attainable objectives that honor your spiritual and personal growth journey.


Emotional Cleansing: Work through and release emotional barriers for inner harmony.


Supportive Spiritual Habits: Develop consistent practices for ongoing spiritual and personal well-being.


Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Get personalized advice on deepening your spiritual practices and experiencing the profound.

Intuitive Life Coaching isn't just a reading; it's a deep dive into your self-discovery, engaging your intuition and innermost wisdom.

A single Nika Life Intuitive Coaching Session offers deep insights into your spiritual path, or opt for a monthly subscription to extend the journey. Subscribers receive session recaps, resource recommendations for ongoing growth, and numerous other advantages.

30, 60, or 90 min | $85 and up | Online Zoom Session


Essential Access Plan

Discover 'Your truth' with the Essential Access Plan. Here, we lay the groundwork for you to start listening to and trusting the divine guidance that whispers from your depths. As your coach and advisor, I'll equip you with the initial tools to begin this sacred conversation.




Enhanced Access Plan



Step into 'Your victory' with our Enhanced Access Plan. By deepening your intuitive connection, you'll learn to harness the wisdom that leads to personal victories—big and small. With extended sessions and group dynamics, your confidence in your inner voice will grow.


Exclusive Access Plan

Live 'Your life' to the fullest with the Exclusive Access Plan. This is our most tailored offering, providing you with comprehensive resources and personalized guidance to integrate your divine insights seamlessly into all areas of your life.



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