Beyond a Reading

My name is Marsha and I am a psychic medium, intuitive advisor, and spiritual guide. Spirit speaks through me, channeling messages of empowerment, love, and guidance. These messages are to remind you of your personal connection to Source and the abundant answers that dwell within you.


I am able to connect with the Spirits of loved ones passed, providing much-needed messages of love, guidance, and healing. Channeled messages serve my clients in their personal lives and growth.


Through my intuitive guidance subscription, workshops, and retreat events, I am able to provide information, tools, and exercises to assist my clients in finding their own personal truth and spiritual connection. This leads my clients to more opportunities to succeed in every facet of their life; whether it be love, relationships, money, career, self-love, and self-growth.

In 2016 I came to a crossroads: keep my full-time job and give up part-time spiritual readings or turn my dharma into a career. Contemplating how to balance work and life, during a meditation session, I had a name shown to me: Nika.


When I looked up the meaning of this name, my path was clear. From my mother's Croatian roots, this name means, 'one who brings victory'. In Persian it means 'true' and 'chosen'. Therefore, I took that as I was one of the chosen to lead people to their own truth and victory! For a few years, I chose to use the name 'Nika' as my own. I realize now, this name is meant to inspire others.


I want to help all achieve their own truth and victory, their own "Nika" life.