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Meaning of Nika



Welcome to Nika Life, where we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve victory through their truth. Our mission is to help guide individuals towards their own unique path of success and fulfillment. With the meaning of Nika as 'victory' and 'truth,' we strive to empower our clients to overcome challenges and live their most authentic lives. Join us on this journey towards victory and self-discovery.



My journey to becoming an intuitive and psychic medium wasn't easy. After going through a divorce, my mother's death and diagnosis of MS, and having to move back to my hometown and in with family members, I knew I needed to set my mind to changing my life. At that point, I had done readings for people, but not professionally. Despite being ill and a single mom, I continued my Masters degree education and worked hard to provide for my family.


One day, my best friend suggested we take a break from working on my thesis and do a group reading. Even though I had never done a group reading before, I agreed. After that reading, the referrals started coming in. I knew in my heart that I was meant to be an intuitive and psychic medium.


In 2016, during a meditation session, I saw the name 'Nika', which means 'one who brings victory' in my mother's Croatian roots and 'true' and 'chosen' in Persian. I took this as a sign that I was meant to lead people to their own truth and victory. For a few years, I used the name 'Nika' as my own, but now I realize that this name is meant to inspire others. I want to help all achieve their own truth and victory, their own "Nika" life.


After three years of working full time, doing readings part time, and being remarried with two teens and a baby, I was ready to take the leap and just be an intuitive and psychic medium. Not letting fear set me back, I followed my truth and now, I can help others connect with their truth as well.

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The Path to Truth & Victory

Nika Meaning
Meaning of Nika

What to Expect

Readings are individually unique, yet many have so many commonalities. For instance, I may mention Grandma bringing up her recipe book or and Uncle showing me the motorcycle decal you got in memory of him and these same symbols are used in a completely different reading as well. Which oddly happens usually with all clients within the same day. I literally had the name "Vicki" and Florida come up in 6 readings in a row one day! Talk about the stars aligning! The universe has a funny way with synchronicities and themes! I'll elaborate on this more on my podcast coming soon!

I have created a language through the symbols I receive.  I hear, smell, feel, see, and know all received within my mind.  Essentially through my third eye, I translate these messages into something meaningful for my clients.



I know some psychic mediums see things or hear things with their eyes and ears, but for me it is much more subtle.  This is probably why I was able to ignore it for so long in my life! When my best friend nudged me into using my gift, it was the best thing that ever happened.


In a reading, I start out by setting the intentions of letting only love, healing, and direction from God/Source and all that is good and of light to enter our space.  Typically, I’ll start by either describing what is going on in your life and sharing with you the energy that is connecting with us.  The reading is spirit led, meaning I do not have complete control of who comes through or what it is that needs to be said for your highest good.  I do know, that a majority of what is said is what is needed for your happiness, well-being, and growth. Whether this be the closure you’ve been seeking, questions being answered, or just the confirmation that you are doing the right thing. Rest assured, I will do my very best to answer any questions you have but generally, spirit answer the questions before you ask. Overall, I would love for you to be able to connect with confidence on your own after our session knowing your loved ones and guides are ALWAYS rooting for you and wanting to help you live your best life with abundance, love, and peace. 

Connect with Clarity

Setting intentions before a reading is always helpful to the process.  You can do this in a few different ways.

  • I encourage you to talk to your guides or loved ones passed before coming to the reading.  They will hear you and I will do my very best to relay the messages needed. 

    • If it helps, write down your questions and what you'd like to focus on during your reading​

  • Come with an open mind, being open will make it easier for me and you to connect clearly and receive. ​

  • Do not worry, you will not receive messages of doom and gloom from me.  We will receive messages of direction and guidance, showing you your options and possible outcomes.

  • Remember all humans have free will, and all predictions must be taken only as an option of future outcomes.  I am not a doctor and will not diagnose and should not replace therapy of any kind.

  • If you want, bring an item of those you want to connect with, it can help make the connection stronger.  You do not need to show it to me if you do not want. It can help either way!

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